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Showreel Moderation Manuela Wenger

Showreel Moderation Manuela Wenger

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Her academic background combined with acting will inspire and motivate your audience with depth, empathy and humor for your venture. Manuela Wenger can reach out to your target groups in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.​

In addition to events (e.g. Migros, Red Bull Stratos Swiss Premiere SPACE JUMP with Felix Baumgartner, ZAGG, FORUM725, ZUFASH) you can see Manuela in various TV and video formats (e.g. Raumkultur TV, ImmoSky, Swiss Re). 

The Global Science Film Festival has been part of her repertoire since 2021, where she interviewed filmmaker Thomas Imbach and ETH expert Christian Schmid.

The Zurich Film Festival is also one of her clients since 2020. Manuela moderated numerous premieres and Q&As in German, English and French. This includes customer events including Q&As with filmmakers and actors (e.g. Timothy Spall, Craig Gillespie, Michael Steiner, Anatole Taubmann). 

Moderation agency:
Are you looking for a clear and appealing voice for your next commercial, audio book or radio play? Whether in Dialect (BE), High German or in neutral Swiss German - your text will be animated through Manuela Wenger's malleable voice.​

Selection of voice over work:

For the past four years Manuela has been voice recording for TV and web commercials (e.g. Coop Naturaplan, Bio-Knospe, Swiss Life), Radio commercials (e.g. Fielmann, DQ Solutions, Energy Holidays), Image films (e.g. Band association, Swiss Aid for Mother and Child, Ghana Vision), TV series and films (e.g. Wilder, The Draft) and Audio books (e.g. Boss with enthusiasm).

You can find various audio samples in Manuela Wenger's VPS profile: 
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