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Reel Manuela Wenger

Reel Manuela Wenger

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Her charismatic personality with her versatile skillset helps Manuela Wenger to set the scene for any genre of work: drama, comedies, theater, commercials or business acting roles.

Acting skills
As a film actress, Manuela embodied different characters in feature films (e.g. Velo Gang, Follow Us #iCarus, APPology - be your best self), short films (e.g. masks, Mirror of death, The White Wolves) and series (e.g. The Dreams of Others, Fairytales are dead). 


She performed on stage in plays (e.g. A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Model Husband, Some Like It Young) and invites audiences into thrilling worlds during murder mystery dinners (e.g. The Deadly Legacy, The American Dream).

As a Business Actress Manuela sliped into various roles to help companies with employee training and certification exams (i.a. Swiss army, UBS oral exams, Condair training). 

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