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Reel Manuela Wenger

Reel Manuela Wenger

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Her charismatic personality with her versatile skillset helps Manuela Wenger to set the scene for any genre of work: drama, comedies, theater, commercials or business acting roles.

Acting skills
As a film actress, Manuela embodied different characters in feature films (e.g. Velo Gang, APPology - be your best self, iCARUS), short films (e.g. masks, Mirror of death, The White Wolves) and series (e.g. The Dreams of Others, Fairytales are dead). 


She performed on stage in plays (e.g. A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Model Husband, Some Like It Young) and invites audiences into thrilling worlds during murder mystery dinners (e.g. The Deadly Legacy, The American Dream).

As a Business Actress Manuela sliped into various roles to help companies with employee training and certification exams (i.a. Swiss army, UBS oral exams, Condair training). 

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